We provide campaigns to call centers from 'five star' clients. The campaigns we undertake are chosen primarily because they are not only a benefit to us but to you also. Trusted and proven, We are extremely skilled at seamlessly blending the right resources and services together in the right combinations to ensure success.


Companies all over the world are in need of good outsource partners. We will partner with you to determine the best way to fulfill your outsourcing needs. We know that we are representing your reputation and will only take on programs that fit our core strengths.


We offer a full range of consulting services, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between. My TEAM has been involved in the UK and US telemarketing business industry for years and worked for a number of the sector’s leading call center outsourcers. 


One Great Partnership With The Right Company Can Have An Incredible Impact On Your Business !

We provide completely integrated contact center solutions. Our specialties include catalog retail, banking, bilingual, onshore and offshore, inbound and outbound campaigns, high volume, lead generation, customer experience surveys and many other successful programs.


Guyana boasts the following features:

  • We are the ONLY English speaking country in South America;English is Guyana’s first and only language
  • Extensive broadband capacity
  • Young University educated workforce, ages 20-30
  • On US Eastern Time Zone (-4GMT) NEARSHORE
  • Direct flight from the US from all Major Airports
  • Total Government support for the Contact Center industry

Our people

Our staff have a cultural affinity to North America since we are always looking to provide quality and compliance being this the heart of our business.

Our young University educated workforce between the ages of 20-30, are easy to work with since they are open and bring fresh and new business and ideas. We pride ourselves by having an experienced management team with over 50 years combined managing contact centers all across the globe.