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FIRST SOURCE BPO SOLUTIONS is a one stop destination toward your outsourcing needs. As a leader in call center services and client partnerships First Source BPO Solutions provides Call Center Services and solutions that derive more value from the relationships our clients have with their customers and/or their own employees and organization.

Managing these relationships, fostering improvement and adding value to them is how we enable organizations large and small to improve their business performance inside and out. Through our integrated call center solutions we’ll partner with you to deliver improved operational effectiveness, enhanced customer and employee satisfaction and accelerated revenue growth, creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.

Our team brings a wealth of cross-industry expertise to drive relevant, quick and cost-effective results. The use of our proven proprietary call center systems and consultancy delivers significant returns on investment almost immediately. Our dynamic suite of solutions employs analytic tools and data collection to capture and integrate the data from multiple sources and delivers a holistic view for your analysis. We act on the resulting interaction insights to drive real change and improve performance. We’ll harness all available customer information, methodically sift through business implications and drive action to tangibly improve the customer experience all while containing costs to you, our partner. 

FIRST SOURCE BPO SOLUTIONShelp clients successfully execute and manage business process management and outsourcing strategy to achieve breakthrough results. As long-term partners in our client’s success we build the capability to execute strategy and accelerate time to results. The outcome is our client’s increased ability to manage their business processes effectively and efficiently to better support their strategic business plans, to improve performance, profitability, and shareholder value.

We are a positive firm striving to achieve one or more of the below objectives.

  • Increase ROI
  • Improve Business process Efficiency & Accountability.
  • Increase Shareholder Value.
  • Implement Performance Driven Solution.
  • Focus on Core Business Processes and End Customers.

Now more than ever, businesses face the pressures of shrinking budgets and increasing demands. More importance must be placed, and money spent on marketing efforts to keep things afloat. With competition rising, businesses also need to focus on what will keep the customer satisfied. First Source BPO Solutions understand this and can help you balance all these demands.

FIRST SOURCE BPO SOLUTIONSis a full-service International Contact Center Provider of BPO Services. We also offer both onshore and offshore outsourcing, focusing on inbound and outbound call center services, data entry and data processing services, back office outsourcing services and business process outsourcing services as per the client requirements.

We are located in Guyana, South America. With English as our first and only language spoken with a neutral accent. We are on the Eastern Standard Time Zone. We operate at a rate of USD $7 - $9/Hour Per Agent on a Minimum 40 Hour Work week; We are very flexible!

Our solutions and effective call center strategies are here to ensure that business runs smoothly and effectively, and at a low cost to you. Your customers need you 24/7/365 and expect you to go beyond the 9-5 schedule. So why not choose First Source BPO Solutions? Customers, partners, and suppliers do business round the clock and we can help you be there for them!

With First Source BPO Solutions, your customers are able to get their questions answered when they demand them. They will appreciate the fact that they can reach you in person whenever it is convenient for them. Because of our staff, First Source BPO Solutions has years of experience in the call center and telemarketing industry. We are experts at what we do and will only hire the best agents after a demanding recruiting process. Once part of the team, our call center agents undergo one- on-one training and a Sales and Customer Service Certification Course further ensuring that they are fully qualified and capable of meeting all your goals. Agents carry themselves in a friendly and professional matter projecting only the best image to your clients. Businesses constantly changes, and we at First Source BPO Solutions understand that and will adapt constantly to the ever-growing demands of your customers and business needs.

Our Services and strategies are designed to provide you with the flexibility you need when things change. We have many qualified agents available for work, and who can quickly adapt to the needs of your business without you having to endure the cost that comes with a changing environment. Because you only pay for what you use, we at First Source BPO Solutions provide you with a myriad of services to use for your business. Select which works best for you, and only pay for ones you use. We strive to supply you with the most cost effective and efficient method for providing call center support to all your clients.

We guarantee that our service will not only be saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars but also begin to see significant improvement in your cash flow and your day to day operation.